Anonymous said:
that's true actually, but dont you think you're exaggerating a bit ???

nah though i must admit the bf turned out extra creepy cos the song reminds me of a friend’s ex that was a real pain in the ass

Anonymous said:
How is steal my girl "creepy/gross" ?????????????
Anonymous said:
Are you excited for 1d's album? :) I hope it's good.

hm i’m not sure? i mean fireproof is alright, i think they could’ve done better but still like it, but smg is so creepy/gross and at the same time so catchy i can’t get it out of my head i want to slap myself every time i start humming it. so those 2 songs didn’t really make me excited for the album but whoever picks the singles has never been particularly good at it so there are probably better songs on it

Harry in a banana suit 🍌